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Our services

Consulting and Training

Trainers and Consultants in commercial, technical, productive and organizational sectors.

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We evaluate and improve your products to ensure they exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.

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Engeneering and Prototyping

We design and develop your ideas.

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Consulting & Testing carries out laboratory tests and experiments.
In addition, to complete our service, we provide support for gas and electrical standards approval, making the technical file and cooperating with the notify body that you have choose. Our laboratory is spread over 750 m2 divided into areas:

Electrical test

We work for the electrical safety of your products. We verify all those requirements contained in product standards that make sure that electrical, electronic and electromechanical products are safe and provide protection against electric shock, moving mechanical parts and overtemperature. C&T also performs all technical assistance aimed at preliminary verification of new appliance designs in order to identify any critical issues already at the project stage.

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Gas test

We operate for the safety of gas systems. We take care of verifying all the prescriptions contained in the product standards which ensure that the gas products are precisely safe and guarantee adequate protection against any malfunctions, moving mechanical parts and overheating.

In addition to carrying out the tests necessary to verify the regulatory requirements, C&T carries out the entire technical assistance part aimed at the preliminary verification of the projects of new appliances in order to identify any critical issues already in the design phase.

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Life test

The activity of the Duration tests area allows you to simulate the good functioning and duration of your product through work cycles. All test profiles are tailor-made, based on the product and the wishes you ask us.

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Our company


Following our customers on their journey from design to production start-up.


Support our customers and guide them. Giving them a global vision of the work with our support from the project stage with: information, consulting and pre-compliance tests with the aim of giving real benefits and satisfaction.

Why C&T ?

Professionalism. Our team is made up of experts and like-minded affiliates.
Confidentiality. Main point of our corporate policy.
Timing and low cost. The synergy that moves our system allows you to have all the necessary support only and for the due duration, reducing costs to the minimum possible. Furthermore, it allows us to be very fast working simultaneously on several fronts.

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